Pain Management – A Journey

Meet Dr. Jesse Ingram, award winner in Judo, retired college professor and lawyer. Dr. Ingram understands mastering pain in a way that let’s him do what he loves at 70+ years old.

Mention Arthritis to anyone over 40, and you’ll find a soulmate. It’s taken for granted – just a part of life, and we commiserate over its misery and whatever solution we’re currently courting. Rarely does anyone claim a cure, or even sustainable relief from the pain it causes.

Research, and my very personal experience, shows that we can actually manage much of pain’s impact on our lives, including arthritis. But, lack of relevant information can leave a person grasping for straws, trying anything that promises some relief.  Some forms of relief, such as opioids or too many of the wrong kind of over-the-counter pain relievers, can create a downhill spiral to a place to a place that could otherwise be avoided or at least mitigated.