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When you become a member of the No-More-Pain community, you have 24-7 access to  cutting edge  information that looks individually and collectively at health interventions.

By no means do we imply that you should disavow or otherwise dismiss your medical professional. Far from it.  However, even medical professionals wish that their patients would take a more active role in looking after their health.  That’s where this community can help.  We bring you health interventions that include ancient therapies that have been around for centuries, and still work.  We bring you cutting edge emerging therapies that have not yet become mainstream, yet many people are finding them helpful.  And, we offer you common sense approaches that will actually help you accomplish what your doctor has been preaching about; we help make it simple and actionable.

All this is available to our members 24/7. It is presented in articles, self-paced and instructor-led online courses, and virtual and in-person workshops.

You can select from over 50 articles on topics such as How to manage joint pain, How to use ancient oils and herbs to promote healing and control pain, How to save money while eating healthy foods, How to control high blood pressure through the food you eat, How to better manage time so you can get more done with less stress, and much more.

Here’s some of what you will have access to:

  1. Premium articles
  2. Diets proven to work
  3. Healthy diets that have a proven track record
  4. Recipes for cooking healthy, familiar foods
  5. Where to find great vegan food (think vegan philly cheesesteak sandwiches, chocolate chip nut cookies)
  6. Videos that show you how to exercise carefully, even with limited motion
  7. Natural healing remedies
  8. How to use food to combat pain
  9. Entrepreneurial Opportunities (doing well while doing good)
  10. Self-help mastery
  11. Learn about cutting edge health therapies and how you can access them
  12. Learn about ancient health therapies, and get introduced to practitioners
  13. New and exciting travel destinations on a budget
  14. Travel and learn opportunities
  15. Take online courses that  improve awareness of how to embrace a healthy lifestyle, improve you personal and professional skills

In addition, you get excellent discounts on products that people are raving about (See 5-minute Challenges).  You may also wish to add our products and services to your entrepreneurial endeavors.