Oils and Herbs

Many moons ago (and who’s counting), if a child or adult had an aggravating headache, or a cold, someone who knew what they were doing, made a trip to the garden and plucked some herbs – maybe a root or two – and brought them into the house to make a tea or a poultice.  Most of the time, when the tea was drunk or the poultice applied, the condition improved. Mind you, this was not a conscious choice; this was all there was.  Yes, this was in the United States, in a rural area where trained medical practitioners were not readily available.  Yet, many survived with these interventions.  Some of us at NMP were among this group.

Some of the ancient wisdom is captured in the book “Healing with Biblical Wisdom” by authors Axe, Rubin, and Bollinger  .  In the book he paints a word picture of King David soothing his aching muscles and re-energizing himself with myrrh, spicy cassia, and frankincense.

Fast forward, and many of us are trying to remember these home remedies.  Modern medicine is great and has saved not only our lives, but the lives of our loved ones. However, we still learn from our collective past.  Many of these “home remedies” were based on science;  we simply did not know it at the time.

There is a resurgence of connecting with the past, and integrating it into what has been learned throughout the years. We are embracing the knowledge of our elders, and (hopefully) taking the knowledge to a higher level.


The NMP team works with communities or people across the country, all of whom have spent years on prescription and over-the-counter medications in an attempt to combat pain.  Our practitioners have first hand experience  on the power of oils to mitigate pain. Most of us are also daily users, so we have reason to tip our hat to those who came before us, who continue to influence our study and practice of Ancient Therapies.