5 Minute Challenges


Our 5-Minute Challenge program was developed from our own experiences with No More Pain’s proprietary Original blend.  Our NMP founder, Steve Conley explored alternative medicine using herbs and essential oils for many years.  He was his first patient, using his No More Pain formula to massage his joints, heal burns and bug bites, and help with skin issues.  Eventually the rest of the team started using it, with great results.  You can guess what happened next.  Family and friends insisted on trying it, and their friends and acquaintances wanted in. Many on our team have a history of working with the veteran community, and Steve volunteered to provide his product to help them.

After several years of helping people in areas as far flung as the Dominican Republic, Asia, and of course throughout the United States, we have embarked on a program that will develop Case Studies on the impact of No More Pain oil on specific instances of joint pain. 

To this end, we have developed an educational campaign to combat the Opioid Crisis in the African American community. To do that, we needed to start at the original source – pain. Sponsored by No More Pain Herbal Blends, Inc. the company is collaborating with  We Care Worldwide to create an army of Pain Busters to do 5 Minute Challenges using our company’s original topical blend. The program is targeting  the reduction of  inflammation in soft tissue injuries that result in Knee Pain.

The following short videos are of real people who heard about the impact of our No More Pain oil.  Each agreed to the 5 Minute Challenge. While this participant had an excellent outcome within a 5 minute time span, most had good-to-excellent outcomes. In some instances, our No More Pain oil was augmented with Patch Therapy.

 If knee pain is part of your life that you’d like to leave behind, and you’re over 18 years of age, you can sign up to be a part of knee pain study.  Sign up here to learn more and consider becoming a participant.