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When we first started on our  Health and Wellness journey, we did not take into account that so many of us do not  take a more active role in looking after our health.  Rarely do we think of health holistically.  When it becomes obvious that something is physically wrong with us, we go to our doctor, or to the Emergency ward at the nearest hospital.

In order to live our best lives, what all of us should be doing is becoming an advocate for our own health and well-being.  That means listening to our bodies, and becoming pro-active in addressing what will help us maintain good health.

It starts with healthy living.  We really are what we eat.  We have to make a concerted effort to move our bodies;  if we don’t exercise our bodies, we lose function.  Our understanding and practice are holistic: mind, body, and soul.

The function of this website is to provide information that everyone should know in order to take better care of themselves.  We also provide online classes to help people who work alongside us to better understand the power of herbs and other natural healing products, and as importantly, how to use them.

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The Power of Nature Team

Our team “The Pain Busters” are made of a group of the most caring Super Heroes in the universe. Conceived by our founder Steve “Professor Herbie” Conley, who began studying natural pain remedies in the 1990s. As an ex boxing promoter, he was intrigued by the fight between “PLANTS VS PAIN” in the human body. He found that in most cases, with the right strategy, the plants won the battle. His research introduced him to others that were more knowledgeable than he in the areas of nutrition, detoxification, massage, martial arts, rest & relaxation, water intake, etc. all equally as important as the other. “The Pain Busters” have expanded from educating just family & friends to all that need our help.

Our product line has a singular purpose – help reduce pain in ourselves and others, while reducing dependency on opioids and dangerous over-the-counter medications. We are constantly researching the ancient history of plant based medicines to discover new blends that support the healing process. Plus we work with scientist to stay abreast on the emerging painkilling technologies of the present and future.


USA Opioid Deaths in 2017 – 47,600

Involving Cocaine – 13,942

Involving Heroin – 15,482

Involving Prescription Drugs – 17,029

The CDC estimated 75,000 children (18 years old or younger) are seen in emergency departments each year because of unintentional medication poisonings (this does not include recreational drug use).

Customers Reviews

This oil is absolutely amazing! It works way better than other products I have tried. You have to give this one a try!
Evan DeBose
I am a very active baby boomer w/ multiple ailments associated w/ high level physical activity, arthritis and chronic joint pain. I wasn't expecting but welcomed the immediate relief I experienced from this topical supplement. It will now be added to my daily nutrition and health supplement regiment.
Dr. Jesse Ingram
Retired Attorney
Judo Enthusiast
OMG— I am so happy as I work a lot of overtime and I apppied this oil directly time the bottom of my feet after 10 hrs of working .... rubbed it a little and was able to work 4 more hours on my feet pain free!! What a blessing .
Joy Smith
Airport Security


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